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Well I have only been studying CFA Level I material for a few weeks, but it seems that one of the skills you need to develop in order to pass is to process large amounts of information (dense readings with fully packed info, although some readings would definitely benefit from reduced wordings and omission of redundant explanations -_-) in a relatively short period of time, and break it down into digestible chunks to be retained and recalled months later, which I guess would be useful in a field, such as investment research, which basically requires that you go out and dig through large volumes of data and info to serve your intended purposes.

So my question is: what other critical skills/habits did you develop during your CFA journey?
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Reading, reviewing course notes, a whole list of books, Consulting with friends and ex. students & lastly, I took online finance courses from free websites. The one worth mentioning is Bluebook Academy. Their courses are free & were quite easy for me to understand. The Youtube videos were very much useful too.
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